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Thunderous water

How good is it hearing that waterfall churn over! Then you look above and see that giant mountain. Such an epic part of a world. Thunderous waterfall Salto Grande is a waterfall on the Paine […]


Buenos Díaz, Patagonia!

First night in Patagonia was really rainy and very cold, our tents were frozen when we woke up. However, despite it, the morning was… truly amazing… and we can not expect better welcome sign than […]


Review of Saal Digital’s photobook

When I’ve been working on photos made in Provence/France in July 2016 and during family holiday in Beskydy/Jeseníky in August 2016, I’ve (again) realized that making photos without printing is… ehm.. let say incomplete. Watching […]


Orchy river

I love Scotland. You know that. I fell in love long time ago by viewing Ian Cameron’s images. And I confirmed this love this year definitively during my trip to Scotland. This image remind me […]


How to create luminosity masks

This is an instructional video recorded by me to show youhow to create luminosity masks in Adobe Photoshop.These luminosity masks are a tool for advanced editing of photos. It allows you to separate effect of […]


How to create Basic Luminosity Mask

This is an instructional video recorded by me to show youhow to create basic luminosity mask in Adobe Photoshop. Basic luminosity mask is a tool for advanced editing of photos. It serves as basis for […]


The extended image selection available for the sale in Buy Prints section

Today I’ve extended image selection available for the sale.  Now it is possible to buy print  for almost of any image available in my galleries. In the offer you can find 8 images from the […]


Useful online calculators for landscape photography

There is a plenty of photography tools published on the web. These tools can be widely used for planning trip, for understanding how your camera is working, for post-processing of your images and so on. […]


Great HDR photo using additional presets for Photomatix

Now it is time for post-processing of shots I’ve made during this lasting winter season. Some of them were designed for HDR workflow. I’ve start playing with them, but after loading shot to Photomatix (as […]