Gallery devoted to panorama format

Now I’ve loaded new gallery set devoted to fancy photography format – panorama pictures. These images could have very special and magic atmosphere, partially due to its format which is able to capture sceneries in wide angle. There you can see landscapes moods changes over whole day and over year, each picture with unique combination of lights and colors. You can look at my panorama here.

Gallery devoted to panorama format 1



Autumn beauty of Dolomites

In the second decade of October I join the photo workshop leaded by Jiri Stransky, QEP holder  and the first Czech winner of European photographer of the year in the landscape category. It was not my first photo workshop, but it was first one provided in spirit of expedition. Spirit of expedition means that we spent most of time in the nature, far far away from civilization. Yes, you’re right, we slept in tent or in the open air. (more…)