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Downhill course Medvědín

The beautiful forenoon at the top of Medvědín hill in Giant Mountains (Krkonoše). We took cabin to left mist in the valley of Špindlerův mlýn. After arrival to the top,…


Back from the western cost of the U.S.

Back from the western cost of the U.S. 1As you probable now, I signed-up last year to the very special event this year – photo workshop in the USA. Now I’m back in the Czech republic, sit down before my laptop and I am still full of emotions and experiences from this unusual trip. Originally, we’ve plan to see canyons and deserts, which is not something possible to see in my country nor in the whole Europe, but… We abandon this plan at the moment when Jiri Stransky said magical name of Oregon!

Maybe you know, maybe not, famous photos from Marc Adamus. If not, checked his gallery later on. Sure, pure technically his images are composites from several exposures, some better, some worse, but who take care at the first moment? They are simple unforgettable. So we wanted to see places as Oneonta gorge, Ruby beach, Thor well etc. see for ourselves. (more…)


The extended image selection available for the sale in Buy Prints section

Today I’ve extended image selection available for the sale.  Now it is possible to buy print  for almost of any image available in my galleries. In the offer you can find 8 images from the autumn Dolomites, 5 images of magical Prague and 9 images of the czech  lanscape mostly from Bohemian Forest. The offer is currently available only for Czech citizens and it will be further extended in the same speed as the content of my galleries. Foreign customers please visit my 500px portfolio to buy images worldwide.

Several standard options in two basic options are available. The first option is to buy printed copy of image alone, second option is to buy printed image glued-on Kappa board and embedded in Nielsen frame. The price for each option and size is in the list below.