Stand up and Grow up

Stand up and Grow up

I like two images below more and more.  They represented durability and brittleness of nature at the same time based on relation between tree, hill and weather conditions. I take these photos near Lagoa do Fogo during the time when I was waiting for better light conditions, specifically I was waiting when mist will start to disapper and reveals beauty of crater lake below me.

In meantime I replaced my wide angle lens for telephoto lens and started to look for subtle details on edges of volcanic crater. I found this hill where such tree looks like it is trying to survive despite the mist. I felt tree is talking to me: I will survice, I am still stand up here.

Stand up(c) 2015 Lubomír Brůha, All rights reserved.

After mist has been disappeared over the sea, robustness of hill was much more evident, but it has almost the same effect on tree. You can realize, if you start thinking about space and perspective on image, that visible top of tree signals also high and mighty giant. And Giant is still growing.

Grow up(c) 2015 Lubomír Brůha, All rights reserved.

Both images are available on my 500px profile where you can purchase one or both of them, if you like them.

Lubos Bruha

Self-taught landscape photographer living in Prague, Czech Republic. He loves nature, especially he falls in love with the mountains. He travels in the spare time to beautiful locations around Europe and North America to catch up with wonderful light and moments in his photographs. He shared here, apart from photographs, post-processing tutorials, and tips. In addition to this blog he also runs another site focused primary on the technology

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