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Fautea sunset
Alpenglow above Fautea lighthouse

Fautea sunset

We spent the first evening in Corse island on the Fautea beach. The beach is protected by rocky outcrops on both sides. The old lighthouse is located on one of…


Morning at Capo Rosso

Sleeping under clear sky, on the cliff highly above sea at top of old watching tower. Good company of people with the almost the same passion and interest to catch…


Call of the wild

I will always remember the time spent at beautiful Tahoe Lake in Nevada, US. It was one of several places where we were lucky, we got good sunset and sunrise…

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Wild cascades

This is my favourite image of Buachaille Etive Mòr. Lot of images are taken from the same spot with exactly the same composition of waterfall in foreground and pyramid mountain…


Happy New Year 2014

This is photo from traditional Prague's New Eve's fireworks show. Last year I made photo near Mánesův most, now I am went to Velká Strahovská zahrada because fireworks was moved…


Back from the western cost of the U.S.

Back from the western cost of the U.S. 1As you probable now, I signed-up last year to the very special event this year – photo workshop in the USA. Now I’m back in the Czech republic, sit down before my laptop and I am still full of emotions and experiences from this unusual trip. Originally, we’ve plan to see canyons and deserts, which is not something possible to see in my country nor in the whole Europe, but… We abandon this plan at the moment when Jiri Stransky said magical name of Oregon!

Maybe you know, maybe not, famous photos from Marc Adamus. If not, checked his gallery later on. Sure, pure technically his images are composites from several exposures, some better, some worse, but who take care at the first moment? They are simple unforgettable. So we wanted to see places as Oneonta gorge, Ruby beach, Thor well etc. see for ourselves. (more…)


Photoevent Karov slade

At the end of November 2011, Petr Jilek sent offer to me for attending himself organized photo event. He proposed going to Karov slade, which is  romantic place near the Prague-Zbraslav on the right side of Vltava river. There is a dell with small creek with dense forest. There is a famous Celtic hilfort on the top – Zavist, however currently hilfort is reserved and without laber no one will locate it. (more…)


Attempt for the mist at the famous viewpoint Máj

After return from my holiday (spent with family at Modrava) on the last weekend in October, I was willing to try another attempt for the presence of the mist at the one of most beautiful place in middle Bohemia – viewpoint Máj. I proposed this occasion to people who attended Dolomity expedition, there was optimistic forecast with the high probability of local mist, so the chance for making wonderful shots was also high. (more…)

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