Passage of time

In this post I will show you composite photo, the result of fake long exposure technique done in Adobe Photoshop.

Fake long exposure technique

Sometimes happens, and all of us know it, that we are watching scenery of running clouds over sky, but we missed big stopper filter home. It is pitty, but it is not showstopper, you can still save the shot using technique of fake long exposure.

This requires creation set of standard images taken in short interval (in the same way as for timelapse video). These photos are then merged in Photoshop into smart object with application of blur filter.  In the end it needs careful masking of sky, but the result of this less known technique is really amazing.

If you are interested in fake long exposure photo technique, I would like recommend to you excelent tutorial from Jimmy McIntyre named How To Create A Realistic Fake Long Exposure Effect In Photoshop. Link to video inside.

Passage of time

A photo is composite one from series have been taken at Prasilske jezero, one of glacier lake in Bohemian Forest. It requires careful masking because I wanted having long exposure effect on both sky and water!

Passage of time - demonstration of fake long exposure technique(c) Copyright Lubos Bruha 2013-2015, All rights reserved.

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