Calm water

Calm water

After afternoon landing in Punta Arenas, we started our trip heading to area Torres del Paine. First night matched what we expected, rainy and really frosty conditions. I would say it is not more things which I dislike and one of these tasks is packaging frozen tent in the cosy rain. However, we did not go down in mind, arrive at the parking place near the first location, waterfall Salto Grande.

We took down jackets, hats, and cravats and moved to the location. For our surprise, to get the view of waterfall together with mountains in the background, it was necessary to cross river Rio Paine, which seems so much unrealistic that we skip this plan and spread in the valley. I stayed on the shore of the river and I was rewarded by unbeatable conditions.

Calm water – Truly Indian Summer morning on the shore of Lago Nordenskjold close to river Paine.

The photo is gently blended from two exposures, one detailing for foreground and the second one for the sharp background. I used for blending process Raya Pro and for the final touch, I used personalised 10 channel workflow.

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Lubos Bruha

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