Burned tree
Whole Torres del Paine National Park is full of dead trees. Although they creates beautiful pitoresque forms, I am publishing the image as reminder that we have to be very carefull to Mother Nature, especially when moving into very hot and dry places.

Burned tree

There is no doubt that Patagonia is beautiful site deserved visit. Especially in autumn when whole shire is full of saturated red, yellow and orange colours. We have started our Patagonia visits in Torres del Paine, areas which is full of dead, burned trees. But only after we spend time around El Chalten, we have realized how much Torres del Paine suffered from three fires in recent history (and one of the most devastating fire has been founded my compatriot unfortunately). Imagine, how much more colour could be in this image when tree is alive.

Burned Tree, Torres del Paine, Chile, South America

So, please, (re)consider your needs when you are visiting these beautiful places around Earth. And, if possible, avoid open fire, smoking or cooking, especially when you are moving in very dry areas.

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