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Elevate your old Canon Powershot camera with CHDK

There are several occasions for which it is not good idea carrying big & heavy DLSR and taking shoots with mobile device take out from your pocket does not bring desired quality. In that case, your bridge camera (compact) could be suitable solution.  If you have newest model, you are lucky because probable your device has built-in features as

  • storing images in RAW, bracketing,
  • full manual control over exposure,
  • zebra mode,
  • live mode,
  • histogram and grids.

If you have older one device with brand of Canon like me (Canon Powershot S5IS), don’t despair of it – and try CHDK firmware enhancement in advance.  Also, in case of my device, I will also benefit from one additional f-stop (from f8 to f11) and extra long exposures with up to ~2000 s.  It is a simple, trust me 🙂 and take approximately half hour to working. It sounds good, is not? (more…)

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Gallery devoted to panorama format

Now I’ve loaded new gallery set devoted to fancy photography format – panorama pictures. These images could have very special and magic atmosphere, partially due to its format which is able to capture sceneries in wide angle. There you can see landscapes moods changes over whole day and over year, each picture with unique combination of lights and colors. You can look at my panorama here.

Gallery devoted to panorama format 1


Great HDR photo using additional presets for Photomatix
My garden fully covered by snow during winter

Great HDR photo using additional presets for Photomatix

Now it is time for post-processing of shots I’ve made during this lasting winter season. Some of them were designed for HDR workflow. I’ve start playing with them, but after loading shot to Photomatix (as it is my preferred tool for postprocessing of HDR shots) I got idea looking for additional presets to fill my empty My Presets toolbar. (more…)


Photoevent Karov slade

At the end of November 2011, Petr Jilek sent offer to me for attending himself organized photo event. He proposed going to Karov slade, which is  romantic place near the Prague-Zbraslav on the right side of Vltava river. There is a dell with small creek with dense forest. There is a famous Celtic hilfort on the top – Zavist, however currently hilfort is reserved and without laber no one will locate it. (more…)


Attempt for the mist at the famous viewpoint Máj

After return from my holiday (spent with family at Modrava) on the last weekend in October, I was willing to try another attempt for the presence of the mist at the one of most beautiful place in middle Bohemia – viewpoint Máj. I proposed this occasion to people who attended Dolomity expedition, there was optimistic forecast with the high probability of local mist, so the chance for making wonderful shots was also high. (more…)


Autumn beauty of Dolomites

In the second decade of October I join the photo workshop leaded by Jiri Stransky, QEP holder  and the first Czech winner of European photographer of the year in the landscape category. It was not my first photo workshop, but it was first one provided in spirit of expedition. Spirit of expedition means that we spent most of time in the nature, far far away from civilization. Yes, you’re right, we slept in tent or in the open air. (more…)