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PF 2017

New Year Firework 2017 celebration in Prague was not so succesfull due to bad weather: low clouds and mist. I’ve plan to make image of Charles Spa with Charles Bridge in the front, however weather […]


Icy fingers

This is not usual thing seen in Prague during winter, normally icicles are seen only on mountains, but they visited our homes in beggining of December to remember us fragility of our lives. Check out […]


Burning sunset

I love sunset, I love silence presented at this special time of day. I sought for this occasion to take this type of picture, I knew where I need to go when I saw this […]


Astronomical Clock

This machine is still facinating me. Skill of our ancestors and observations of the olden – Astronomical Clock in Prague downtown. Crowds of tourists waiting to Grim Reaper, to ring a bell, to the end. […]


Happy New Year 2014

This is photo from traditional Prague’s New Eve’s fireworks show. Last year I made photo near Mánesův most, now I am went to Velká Strahovská zahrada because fireworks was moved this year from downtown to […]


Rainbow over Prague – from Instagram


Night city park – from Instagram

This is a night shot from way back from party. The tiny park near Luka metro in Prague was partially lit by street lamps and all around was unusually quiet for city. So I pulled out […]


Meander sunset

All things come to him who waits. I had visited this beautiful location near Teletin (roughly 30km south from Prague) in 18 months 7 times to capture this beautiful scenery. All things – light, clouds, […]


Happy New Year 2013

The image consists from the background processed by HDR technique (from 3 exposures with the step of 1EV made by Photomatix) and one firework photograph captured using very short time due to high ISO settings. […]


The extended image selection available for the sale in Buy Prints section

Today I’ve extended image selection available for the sale.  Now it is possible to buy print  for almost of any image available in my galleries. In the offer you can find 8 images from the […]