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Thunderous water

How good is it hearing that waterfall churn over! Then you look above and see that giant mountain. Such an epic part of a world. Thunderous waterfall Salto Grande is a waterfall on the Paine […]


Buenos Díaz, Patagonia!

First night in Patagonia was really rainy and very cold, our tents were frozen when we woke up. However, despite it, the morning was… truly amazing… and we can not expect better welcome sign than […]


Calm water

After afternoon landing in Punta Arenas, we started our trip heading to area Torres del Paine. First night matched what we expected, rainy and really frosty conditions. I would say it is not more things […]


Burned tree

There is no doubt that Patagonia is beautiful site deserved visit. Especially in autumn when whole shire is full of saturated red, yellow and orange colours. We have started our Patagonia visits in Torres del […]


Flaming mountain

I have to say it is true that who is visiting Patagonia, he is falling in love with Patagonia! It definitely happens to me. I’ve dream from my child age when I was reading adventures […]


Calming sea

This image has been created during on hour spent on coast near Ponta do Arnel on Azors island Sao Miguel. Originally, we wanted with my wife to see there lighthouse (Farol Ponta do Arnel), however […]


Stand up and Grow up

I like two images below more and more.  They represented durability and brittleness of nature at the same time based on relation between tree, hill and weather conditions. I take these photos near Lagoa do […]


Lagoon of Fire

Lagoa do Fogo (Lagoon of Fire) is a crater lake within the Água de Pau Massif stratovolcano in the center of the island of São Miguel in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. The governmental […]


Twin lakes

This is a first photo made during week trip to Azores, island Sao Miguel, in the beggining of July 2015. There is a famous viewpoint Lagoa das Sete Cidades, simple reachable by car, from which […]


Peaceful evening at lake

Waterscape image of colored evening at small glacier lake, taken after all day spending by walking in my favourite shire of Bohemian Forest around village Prášily. This image is digital blending of 3 exposures with […]