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Shining Eiffel Tower – from Instagram

It is impossible missed shining Eiffel tower. The advantage of shooting during winter is that night comes in late afternoon, so it is not neccessary waiting too long for shining tower. On other hand, it […]


Rainbow over Prague – from Instagram


Mountain meadows – from Instagram


After storm – from Instagram


The frayed – from Instagram

This is my third submission to #fs_yellow_01 challenge of @flowerstalking account. The frayed flower shining on the green carpet at the Sumava mountain meadows. Check out this image The frayed from my Instagram – @lubosbruha. […]


The enlightened – from Instagram

This is my second submission to #fs_yellow_01 challenge of @flowerstalking account. The enlightened lily is spinning to the sun. Check out this image The enlightened from my Instagram – @lubosbruha. (c) Copyright Lubos Bruha 2013, All […]


Station – from Instagram

I was invited by my IG friend Karën Luccì (check her amazing blog) to @wicked_flip Any Colour Challenge. It is not absolutely my style, however I wanted to join because it is a chance to […]


Spring blossom – from Instagram

The image below is dedicated to my dear wife Gabi to our anniversary. This is the first bloom which appears on our garden after long this year winter. Originally I’ve expected snowdrops and snowflakes which […]


Shackles – from Instagram

Check out this image Shackles from my Instagram – @lubosbruha. I’ve walked around ripped street and this chain on wood stem concerned me. I took this photo because it expressed my personal feeling of the […]


Old Man of Storr – from Instagram

Check out this image Old Man of Storr from my Instagram – @lubosbruha. Image (c) Lubos Bruha 2013, All rights reserved. Images from Instagram captured by phone camera apps ProCapture or Vignette and post-processing made […]