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New gallery from Azores

Finally I’ve completed the first set of images taken during exotic summer holiday of 2015 in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. I put these images into dedicated gallery there called Azores: Atlantic jewel. You can […]


Golden Marina

Every evening during summer holiday, my wife and me spent dinner time on the main street of Ponta Delgada, the street very close to sea and marina full of small and middle boats. We were […]


Passage of time

Photo taken at Prasilske jezero, one of glacier lake in Bohemian Forest. This time clouds had passing during sunset, however I have not big stopper filter to create long time exposure. Instead of big stopper […]


The best moments on Instagram 2014

It is time to reflect on the  year. Just like the last year, Iconosquare (formerly known as is offering their service to create video from yours most liked images on Instagram. Those who are […]


Icy fingers

This is not usual thing seen in Prague during winter, normally icicles are seen only on mountains, but they visited our homes in beggining of December to remember us fragility of our lives. Check out […]


Enchanted in a tower

This is a second image taken after magic cold and icy night described in the previous post. Dandelion has been enchanted and conserved in icy armor. Check out this image Enchanted in a tower from […]


Fragile beauty

Something unexpected happen this night in early December. Weather prediction was unusual warm, however nature had different opinion. There was raining in the evening, temperature decline into negative figures and wind was… so cold and […]


Burning sunset

I love sunset, I love silence presented at this special time of day. I sought for this occasion to take this type of picture, I knew where I need to go when I saw this […]


Capo Pertusato, Corse, France

Capo Pertusado is magnificient piece of shore on Corse, France. We were lucky to spent there one morning during this year spring workshop. On top of cliff is a lighhouse of the same name and […]


Remembering summer evening

This year I have no many chances to take own time on mountain bike. Even more so I glad that during my trip to Karlštejn, I was lucky to see such amazing moment on the […]