Oak wood in movement

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Empty oak stems and lot of leaves on ground at the end of autumn create perfect conditions to try a special mobile phone camera application called Camera FV-5. This camera application has ability of taking images in long exposure. So, I set exposure time to 2 seconds and tried to move phone in the way of oak stems from ground to sky. The resulted image is not so soften as doing the same technique with DSLR or compact camera, hovewer I was satisfied with the effect.

Check out this image Oak wood in movement from my Instagram – @lubosbruha.

Oak wood in movement - from Instagram

(c) Copyright Lubos Bruha 2014, All rights reserved.

Images from Instagram captured by phone camera app Camera FV-5 touched by Vignette for final look.

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Self taught landscape photographer living in Prague, Czech Republic. He loves nature, especially he falls in love with the mountains. He travels in the spare time to beautiful locations around Europe and North America to catch up wonderful light and moments in his photographs. He shared here, apart from photographs, post processing tutorials and tips. In addition to this blog he also runs another site focused primary on the technology http://lubos.bruha.net.

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