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Collection of popular Photomatix presets

[last update 17/5/2017, lot of things happened in this area as website’s moved/disappeared, prices changed and new presets bundles exists, see remarks in italics below] It is just a year ago when I wrote and […]


Meander sunset

All things come to him who waits. I had visited this beautiful location near Teletin (roughly 30km south from Prague) in 18 months 7 times to capture this beautiful scenery. All things – light, clouds, […]


Happy New Year 2013

The image consists from the background processed by HDR technique (from 3 exposures with the step of 1EV made by Photomatix) and one firework photograph captured using very short time due to high ISO settings. […]


Gallery devoted to panorama format

Now I’ve loaded new gallery set devoted to fancy photography format – panorama pictures. These images could have very special and magic atmosphere, partially due to its format which is able to capture sceneries in […]


Great HDR photo using additional presets for Photomatix

Now it is time for post-processing of shots I’ve made during this lasting winter season. Some of them were designed for HDR workflow. I’ve start playing with them, but after loading shot to Photomatix (as […]