Alpenglow above Fautea lighthouse

Fautea sunset

We spent the first evening in Corse island on the Fautea beach. The beach is protected by rocky outcrops on both sides. The old lighthouse is located on one of them, so we occupied second one to have a chance incorporating the lighthouse into compositions. We spent almost whole late ...


Morning at Capo Rosso

Sleeping under clear sky, on the cliff highly above sea at top of old watching tower. Good company of people with the almost the same passion and interest to catch beauty of French island in the Mediterranean Sea - Corsica. The last image of this haze morning as the practical ...


Corsica Panorama Views Video

I've just returned from week photo trip to vernal Corsika island in Mediterranean Sea. Below you can find the first tasting of beautiful spring atmosphere we had lived here. Photos has been taken by LG G2 smartphone with ProCapture camera switched on. They have been stitched by PanoStitch and edited by ...


How to automate dodging and burning for your photos

This is an instructional video which I recorded to show burn and dodge automation for your photos in Adobe Photoshop. Almost every photo, included those processed by HDR technique, needs to add such level of higher contrast. Higher contrast means lighter parts are lightened (dodge), darked parts are darkened (burn).Adobe ...


Logo of Photomatix

Collection of popular Photomatix presets

[last update 17/5/2017, lot of things happened in this area as website's moved/disappeared, prices changed and new presets bundles exists, see remarks in italics below] It is just a year ago when I wrote and published article about Stuart’s Photomatix Pro Presets. I know from Google Analytics that this article remains ...


My garden fully covered by snow during winter

Great HDR photo using additional presets for Photomatix

Now it is time for post-processing of shots I've made during this lasting winter season. Some of them were designed for HDR workflow. I've start playing with them, but after loading shot to Photomatix (as it is my preferred tool for postprocessing of HDR shots) I got idea looking for ...


How to create luminosity masks

This is an instructional video recorded by me to show youhow to create luminosity masks in Adobe Photoshop.These luminosity masks are a tool for advanced editing of photos. It allows you to separate effect of adjustments made to the image to such level of lights or darks tones, so it ...


How to create Basic Luminosity Mask

This is an instructional video recorded by me to show youhow to create basic luminosity mask in Adobe Photoshop. Basic luminosity mask is a tool for advanced editing of photos. It serves as basis for creating several other luminosity masks to edit lights and darks in the image, so it is ...



Stand up and Grow up

I like two images below more and more.  They represented durability and brittleness of nature at the same time based on relation between tree, hill and weather conditions. I take these photos near Lagoa do […]


Lagoon of Fire

Lagoa do Fogo (Lagoon of Fire) is a crater lake within the Água de Pau Massif stratovolcano in the center of the island of São Miguel in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. The governmental […]


Twin lakes

This is a first photo made during week trip to Azores, island Sao Miguel, in the beggining of July 2015. There is a famous viewpoint Lagoa das Sete Cidades, simple reachable by car, from which […]


Passage of time

Photo taken at Prasilske jezero, one of glacier lake in Bohemian Forest. This time clouds had passing during sunset, however I have not big stopper filter to create long time exposure. Instead of big stopper […]



It does not appear, however I’ve spend a lot of time to catch sharper image of this very energic bird – wagtail. In the end, I was lucky when bird sitting on the fence around […]


Near and far

There is an unusual image of birds sitting far from me on power line. I has been taken by telephoto lens during watching life on my garden after spring rain from 2nd floor of my […]


Peaceful evening at lake

Waterscape image of colored evening at small glacier lake, taken after all day spending by walking in my favourite shire of Bohemian Forest around village Prášily. This image is digital blending of 3 exposures with […]


The best moments on Instagram 2014

It is time to reflect on the  year. Just like the last year, Iconosquare (formerly known as Statigr.am) is offering their service to create video from yours most liked images on Instagram. Those who are […]


Icy fingers

This is not usual thing seen in Prague during winter, normally icicles are seen only on mountains, but they visited our homes in beggining of December to remember us fragility of our lives. Check out […]


Enchanted in a tower

This is a second image taken after magic cold and icy night described in the previous post. Dandelion has been enchanted and conserved in icy armor. Check out this image Enchanted in a tower from […]