Hi there!

I’m an avid landscape and architecture photographer in my spare time if it allows my normal family and work duties. Although I spent a lot of my time in Prague with my family or job shuttling a lot between Prague and Bratislava (Slovakia), I am always trying to travel so much to discover and capture interested sites, places and cities, regardless it is located in my home country or around the Europe and North with South America. Like many other landscape photographers, I am carrying heavy bag on my shoulders and don’t so much worry about chilli, windy or rainy conditions with strong attitude and passion to deliver exceptional photos to you.

I am loving nature all of my life and I made a lot of trips into wilderness because I simply enjoyed outdoors activity outside of civilization. However, with years coming and left, I felt I had have to save my experiences from those trips, because I enjoyed many beautiful times at morning, evening or just in middle in day, but I had no right tool to memorize it. At this point, photography came into my life. My wife also inspired me, she started with making photos just year before me and she made impressive progress in this area.

Yes, I needed to learn a lot of techniques concerning photoraphy, starting by manipulating of camera and finishing by images in Adobe Photoshop, but because I am confident with computers work whole my life, it was easy and funny to find my own way in postprocessing. In fact, photography creates perfect fit between my personal hobbies: nature, hiking and computers.

I believe that sharing is important activity to make community progress, therefore I’ve also created special Youtube channel dedicated to postprocessing of digital photographes in Adobe Photoshop. And, besides of viewing or buying my photographes, you can find on this site a lot of photography tutorials. I also studied photography classes at SKF because I like a creative photography – the photography which could bring something new and  which could help us dreaming. You can see some of my study photos in the my school gallery. They are different ones from what you can see on this site.

For those interested in technology and gear, I am using following hardware and accessories:




The image sharpeness for long exposure shots is, in addition to tripod usage, ensured by remote shooter release. Hitech square filters with circular Hitech polarizer or Hitech Firecrest 10 stopper or Hoya ND8 helps me to find right balance in exposure settings. You can see how I am carrying this heavy equipment in Vanguard backpacks or by LoewePro S&F kits.

If it neccessary or you want, you can contact me on the next page. Otherwise, enjoy images and information here!