Despite the darknessPrague\'s New Eve Firework 2014Gloaming comesThe magic islandDrowned little pineOrchy CascadesThe melting floeMeander sunsetHappy New Year 2013Stars moving over Golden BridgeGlowing seaOnce will take you to the dreamStormy beach sunsetCroda dei Toni eveningMorning mistCernera sunsetDuring the sunsetLake reflectionsWaterfall Black GillDevil\'s stonesWaking up of greenLonely birchPeep of the dayGolden poolChalupska moorCloudy hatMumlava waterfallEvening cloudletsChurch of St. Francis of Assisi is waking upAutumn sunrise over Old Town SquareOld Bridge Tower in the mistIncidental blessing

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Enjoy latest images from beautiful wilderness location across Europe and USA.

Landscape and cityscape photographer

This site made by Czech landscape photographer Lubos Bruha contains predominantly gallery of his images. He is focused primarily on landscape and cityscape photography. Through these photographs he tries to express his feeling for locations he visits and the wonders of nature that he encounters along the way.
He understands these photographs as attempt to bring experiences of wilderness across Czech Republic, Europe and U.S. to the viewer. He recently returned from Scotland and U.S. Western Coast photo workshops with Jiri Stransky. You can find out his latest work clicking by Galleries page.

Photo Blog

Except of photos he is writing blog where he shares his photography experiences from trips and workshops, his dealing with high dynamic range, fine art and black white photography and image post-processing. He also recently started recording video tutorials on Adobe Photoshop according to requests of his friends.
Hope you enjoy all of this stuff. Feel free to express your though and feelings in comments.