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Welcome, these pages, made by me, Czech landscape photographer Lubos Bruha, contains predominantly galleries of my photography images. They are focused primarily on landscape, nature and cityscape topics in the photography. Through photography I, as a landscape photographer, try to express my feeling for landscapes and nature sites I visited and the wonders of nature that I encountered along the way.

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Hot photography galleries

I hope, you will enjoy photography images from beautiful wilderness landscapes across the Czech Republic, Europe and North America. These galleries, sorted by locations, cover mountains, gorges, lakes, rivers, plains and forests altogether with squares, buildings, bridgers, towers and other architectural stuff.

I understand the photography as an attempt to bring experiences of wilderness across the Czech Republic, Europe and North America to the viewer. Based on everyday news, I fear that future generations will judge us firmly for our failing to put proper value on wildness, diversity, open space, spirit, solitude and other treasures of the natural world still available to us today.

Galleries from past trips to Scotland, U.S. Western Coast, Dolomites, Bohemian Forest and Azores are fully available to view and or to buy print. I still did not complete uploading of galleries from lovely Meditterian island Corsica (2014), wild Rocky Mountains in Canada (2015) and colorful Provence in France (2016), but hope I will bring them to live soon. šŸ™‚

Photo Blog

Except of photos and tutorials, I am also writing blog where I share mainly my experiences from photography trips and workshops, opinions and reviews of camera equipments. The part of blog is also dedicated to photography images shared by me on Instagram. These images taken by mobile phones serves like a sneak preview before larger and more quality photography taken by digital camera are published on this site.

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Year ago I started recording of video tutorial series published on this website and supported by Youtube channel. Tutorials are focused on mastering postprocessing in digital photography with speciality on landscape photography. You will learn luminosity masks to create higher dynamic contrast, reveal details and make photo as sharp as possible without artefacts.

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Hope you enjoy all of this stuff provided by me. Feel free to express your thoughts, feelings about photography here in comments or spread words by sharing them to social networks. If you want, you can send message to me or contact me on social networks (see banner on the right side).